The Infinite Kaleidoscope 69 "Saved For Summer"

You are entering the Infinite Kaleidoscope. An hour where we can just close our eyes, drift off and forget about reality.


The Specials, "Too Hot"

SRSQ, "Saved For Summer"


Riki, "Last Summer"

Cobalt, "Harmonic Love"

PACKS, "iknowiknow"

Attia Taylor, "Dog and Pony Show"

POW!, "Shoes (Pleh)"

Gary Wilson, "6.4 = Make Out"

Irmão de Fé, "Milton Nascimento, ohana, Dorio & Bebeto"

atmos bloom, "Something Other Than You"

Brijean, "Caldwell's Way"

Tempers, "In and Out of Hand"

King Hannah, "A Well-Made Woman"

Meredith Edgar, "Blue (Maquette version)

Night Palace, "Fig Dream"

Music under my voice: (The great) Mulatu Astatke, "Mascaram Setaba (Mono Master)"


  1. Too Hot by The Specials on The Specials (℗ 2002 Chrysalis Records Limited) New
  2. Saved For Summer by SRSQ on Ever Crashing (℗ 2022 Dais Records) New
  3. Racing by CASTLEBEAT on Cinema - EP (℗ 2022 Spirit Goth Records) New
  4. Last Summer by Riki on Gold (℗ 2021 Dais Records)
  5. Harmonic Love by Cobalt on Planisphere (℗ 2018 Numero Group)
  6. Iknowiknow by PACKS on Woah (℗ 2022 Fire Talk) New
  7. Dog and Pony Show by Attia Taylor on Space Ghost (℗ 2022 Lame-O Records) New
  8. Shoes (Pleh) by POW! on Hi-Tech Boom (Castle Face)
  9. 6.4 = Make Out by Gary Wilson on You Think You Really Know Me (℗ 2006 Gary Wilson)
  10. Irmão de Fé by Milton Nascimento, ohana, Dorio & Bebeto on Travessia (℗ 2009 Nascimento/Dubas)
  11. Something Other Than You by atmos bloom on Flora (℗ 2022 Spirit Goth Records)
  12. Caldwell's Way by Brijean on Angelo (℗ 2022 Ghostly International) New Local
  13. In and Out of Hand by Tempers on New Meaning (℗ 2022 Dais Records) New
  14. A Well-Made Woman by King Hannah on I'm Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me (℗ 2022 City Slang) New
  15. Blue (Maquette version) by Meredith Edgar on Blue (Maquette version) - Single (℗ 2021 Meredith Edgar) Local
  16. Fig Dream by Night Palace on Diving Rings (℗ 2022 Park The Van) New
  17. Mascaram Setaba (Mono Master) by Mulatu Astatke on Mulatu of Ethiopia (℗ 2017 Strut)