"see the flowers growing from his head"


  1. 36°C by Whatever The Weather on Whatever The Weather (Ghostly International)
  2. Whitney George: [These Hands] Hold Nothing by NakedEye Ensemble on A Series of Indecipherable Glyphs (New Focus) New
  3. No Spinning by Congregation of Drones on Twenty Twenty (Every Possible) New
  4. Music for Counterflows by Helena Celle on Music for Counterflows (False Walls) New
  5. Angelus Novus by Hatis Noit on Aura (Erased Tapes)
  6. Glory by Gazelle Twin & NYX on Deep England (NYX Collective)
  7. Home Soup by Sally Anne Morgan on Cups (Thrill Jockey)
  8. A Ghost At Noon by Sam Prekop and John McEntire on Sons Of (Thrill Jockey) New