Sleep Noir

I spent the past week in COVID uncertainty. It didn’t turn out to be COVID but the strain of isolation and ambiguity and the discomfort of whatever unrelated symptoms I was having, still took their toll.

I don’t know if the things I choose to binge watch during these times actively create my reality or if they just reflect it. Maybe a little of both. I watched seasons 1 and 2 of HBO’s The Leftovers. Bleak. Existential. Deeply mysterious. It was interesting timing as I was reliving some version of early pandemic lockdown. End of the world feelings. The old fear that I’d hoped had eased up. But maybe now that we’ve been through it, it’ll always be easily accessible.

Living in a body is like that, existentially unsettling, deeply mysterious, sometimes bleak or scary. Living in an imperfect body can sometimes feel like the grittiest, noir shit. Maybe it’s time to give up on doctors and healers and get a grizzled private eye with a drinking problem and a history he doesn’t like to talk about, to help me sort this out.

This week's show features a dreamy, noir, immersive audio experience from radio artist, engineer, and sound designer Adriene Lilly in 4 parts. This piece originally aired on WFMU in June and has been adapted for this show. Follow Adriene on Twitter at @iamalilly 


  1. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears by Julee Cruise on Until the End of the World (Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack) (℗ 1991 Warner Records Inc.)
  2. Chuckhung by Biosphere on Substrata 2 (Biophone)
  3. Chicago by alt-J on The Dream (Infectious)
  4. I'm Burning Up by John Barry on Body heat (A&M Records)
  5. Milonga Del Angel by Astor Piazzolla on Tango: Zero Hour (Warner)
  6. My Body Is A Cage by A Giant Dog on Neon Bible (Merge)
  7. #7 by Aphex Twin on Selected Ambient Works Volume II (Warp)
  8. Pyramid Song by Matt Haimovitz, Christopher O'Reilly on Shuffle. Play. Listen (Oxengale Records)
  9. テレパシー by 2814 on 新しい日の誕生 (Dream Catalogue)
  10. Homero Hymnus by Helios on Unomia (Merck)
  11. Spooky Action at a Distance by SQÜRL on Only Lovers Left Alive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Naked Kiss Music Inc.)