1. Black Helicopters by Lungfish on Artificial Horizon (Dischord)
  2. Glass Traffic by Half Human on Demo (Self-Released)
  3. Futurism vs Passeism by Blonde Redhead on Fake Can Be Just As Good (Touch And Go Records)
  4. Nosferatu Man by Slint on Spiderland (Touch And Go)
  5. Dog in the Yard by Skate Laws
  6. Dude Incredible by Shellac on Dude Incredible (Touch And Go)
  7. Lowest Common Denominator by Unwound on Repetition (Kill Rock Stars)
  8. Saccharine by Dogstar on Hello, Cranky Dear
  9. The Hit by Daughters on Daughters (Hydra Head Records)
  10. Grown Men Don't Fall In The River, Just Like That by Liars on The Wire Tapper 9 (The Wire)
  11. Chrome Life by Past Lives on Strange Symmetry (Suicide Squeeze)
  12. Panic In The Population by The Chinese Stars on A Rare Sensation (Three One G)
  13. A Pack Of Wolves by Black Eyes on Black Eyes (Dischord)
  14. Best Kept Secret by Diamond and the Psychotic Neurotics (Mercury)
  15. Trash Bed by Guerilla Toss on Gay Disco (NNA Tapes)
  16. Sponsorships by Les Georges Leningrad on Sur Les Traces De Black Eskimo (Alien8 Recordings)
  17. Inanimate Sensation by Death Grips on Powers That B (Third World)
  18. I Fink U Freeky by Die Antwoord on Ten$ion (Zef Recordz)
  19. Gosh by Jamie XX on In Colour (Young Turks)
  20. Drugs by Ratatat on LP4 (XL Recordings)
  21. Where Are Ü Now (feat. Justin Bieber) by Jack Ü on Where Are Ü Now (Atlantic)
  22. Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande on Santa Tell Me (Republic)
  23. Female Guitarists Are The New Black by Marnie Stern on Marnie Stern (Kill Rock Stars)
  24. Arizona by Mylets on Arizona (Sargent House)
  25. Runaway Train by Lightning Bolt on Fantasy Empire (Thrill Jockey)