Cool Friend, a comic book artist, publisher and musician out of NYC, recently released an activity book /zine about Commander Data from Star Trek. We talk about sci-fi, their involvement with this year's zine fest at Punk Island, getting an MA in Publishing, and Yonkers, NY supergroups.
Insta, Twitter, etc. - @realcoolfriend

Welcome to Season 2 of the FPM hour!


  1. Crazy Glue by Fishbone on Crazy Glue (DC-Jam Records)
  2. Quedate by Girls Go Ska on Frente al Mar (Girls Go Ska)
  3. Beth Has Secrets - a Single Mix by KMoy on Beth Has Secrets - Single Mix (Ska Punk International)
  4. The Tragedy of a Sleepy Bitch by Tape Girl on Summer Jams Vol 2 (Broken Camera Records)
  5. Kraken by The Amazing Octopus Septet on 3 Songs (The Amazing Octopus Septet)
  6. Fish Wall by The Amazing Octopus Septet on 3 Songs (The Amazing Octopus Septet)
  7. How Things Are Now by Cool Friend on How Things Are Now (Cool Friend)
  8. Enjoy the Silence by No Use for a Name on Rarities Vol 1: The Covers (Fat Wreck Chords)
  9. "Kuso Breakin' Nō Breakin' Lily" (糞ブレイキン脳ブレイキン・リリィー Shit Breakin' Brain Breakin' Lily) by Maximum The Hormone on Bu-ikikaesu (Vap Inc)
  10. Run Away by Flying Raccoon Suit on Run Away (Flying Raccoon Suit)
  11. Greet Debt by Grey Matter on Climbing Out (Bad Time Records)
  12. Living in an Island by Boomtown Rats on A Tonic for the Troops (Columbia Records)
  13. I’ve got Enemies in High Places by The Arrogant Sons of Bitches on Three Cheers for Disappointment (Really Records)
  14. Cathy Ann by Bumsy and the Moochers on Cathy Ann (Sell the Heart Records)
  15. Strangled by Osker on Idle Will Kill (Epitaph)