Aug 13


  1. Edge Of The Edge by Panda Bear, Sonic Boom on Edge Of The Edge (Domino) New
  2. Dominos by Emily Yacina on Dominos (Danger Collective) New
  3. Let It Ride by The Soundcarriers on Harmonium (Ghost Box)
  4. Caldwell's Way by Brijean on Angelo (Ghostly International)
  5. Any Day Now by Jeanines on Don't Wait For A Sign (Slumberland)
  6. Wired Eyes by Love, Burns on It Should Have Been Tomorrow (Calico Cat) New
  7. Where Is It All Going? by Chad VanGaalen on World's Most Stressed Out Gardener (Sub Pop)
  8. She Buys Herself Flowers by The Umbrellas on The Umbrellas (Slumberland) Local
  9. You're Not Always on My Mind by Quivers on Golden Doubt (Ba Da Bing!)
  10. Sure To See by 14 Iced Bears on Come Get Me (Sarah Records)
  11. At the End of the World by Massage on Still Life (Self Released)
  12. Distraction by Ty Segall on "Hello, Hi" (Drag City Inc.)
  13. The Last Time by Tony Molina on In the Fade (Summer Shade) New
  14. Fruiting Body by GOON on Fruiting Body (démodé recordings) New
  15. How Was Your Day? by Stella Donnelly on How Was Your Day? (Secretly Canadian) New
  16. Witches by Alice Phoebe Lou on Witches (Self Released)