Nothing but coooooool jams.

No special guests this week, so Cosmic Amanda slings 2 full hours of cool new jams instead. Check out all the best new underground music she found all around the Interwebs.


  1. The Electric Mountain by Jane Weaver on The Silver Globe (Picadilly Records)
  2. Break
  3. Mountain by Bill Mountain
  4. Lion Inside You by Happy Fangs on Happy Fangs
  5. California Carpool by only u on Beach Vibes (demos)
  6. Break
  7. Ain't Right by Crater on Crater
  8. Break
  9. Cosmic Was by J FERNANDEZ
  10. Put Your Number in My Phone by Ariel Pink on pom pom (4AD)
  11. Narcissistic by BEIJU
  12. Knock You From Your Mountain by Elephant Stone on Three Poisons (Burger Records)
  13. The Love That You Own by John Wesley Coleman III on The Love That You Own (Burger Records)
  14. Break
  15. Making a Fool of You by HOMESHAKE on In the Shower (Sinderlyn)
  16. Headbanger by King Tuff on Black Moon Spell (Sub Pop)
  17. Death To Fascism by The Radio Dept on Death To Fascism (Labrador)
  18. For Blood by Bass Drum of Death on Rip This (Innovative Leisure)
  19. I Love You (Beat Happening cover) by Girl Band
  20. Uh-Oh by The Blank Tapes on Vacation (Burger Records)
  21. The Mile by Cool Ghouls on A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye (Empty Cellar Records)
  22. Medication by The Abigails on Tundra (Burger Records)
  23. The Ride by Cave on Raw Vibes vol. II (Cave Tapes)
  24. I Can Do No Wrong by American Wrestlers on American Wrestlers
  25. All Apart by Juniper Rising on Day of Days (Happenin' Records)
  26. Tu Muchacho by PIZZA TIME on U WANNA PIZZA ME? (Burger Records)
  27. Kurt by BRONCHO on Just Enough Hip to be Woman (District Lines)
  28. Forget Everything That Makes You Not Want to be in This Band by terror pigeon! on Live it Up Before You Die it Up!
  29. Unknown Jam from YouTube by Some Cool Dudes in Africa on Dunno
  30. Cold Wind From Fools by Yacht Club on Burnt Cream (Big Love)