Eye to Eye


  1. Eye to Eye by Leisure on sunsetter (Nettwerk Music Group)
  2. Naruda (Fall In Your Arms Again) by 1000 Beasts on Naruda (Jawdropper Music)
  3. Come Over by Kowloon on Come Over (Roy Records LLC)
  4. Wallflower by Tim Atlas on Wallflower (Nettwork Music Group)
  5. Lonely Nights by LEISURE on Lonely Nights (Nettwerk)
  6. Don't Want This to Be Over (Jean Tonique remix) by Kraak & Smaak, Satchmode on Pleasure Centre (Boogie Angst)
  7. GOODTIME by Capyac on GoodTime (capyac)
  8. Wild West by Tom & Collins on Wild West (Spinnin' Deep)
  9. Afraid To Feel by LF SYSTEM on Afraid To Feel (Warner UK)
  10. lowlife by dvr, Kenny Beats on (Low Life) (XL Recordings)
  11. Tell Me by Neil frances, The Undercover Dream Lovers on Tell Me (Nettwerk Music Group)
  12. Seen it before by Dirty Bird on Time Traveler (Gum Studio)
  13. Window Seat by Carmelo Haze on NOESTAAQUI (nacional Records)
  14. Eu, reu, mi condeno by helio matheus on Eu, reu, mi condeno (sony)
  15. Top Again by Audrey Nuna on a Liquid Breakfast (artista records)
  16. Oakland by Satya on Single (Checker Print)