episode 18

feat. Box of Matches, Local Bylaws, Astu, + more ₊˚✧.


  1. Naked Eye by Luscious Jackson on Fever In Fever Out (Grand Royal)
  2. Prism of Feeling by Soft Blue Shimmer (Other People) New
  3. Salty by Local Bylaws (Brimstone Academy) New Local
  4. Unfun by Career Woman, Small Crush on Unfun / Sleep In (Lauren) New Local
  5. Box of Matches by Box of Matches (Vaudevillain) Local
  6. Return by Deep Talk on Return & Reweave (self-released) New Local
  7. How Does The Story Go? by Sprints on A Modern Job EP (Nice Swan)
  8. Ironspy by Splashdown on Halfworld (self-released)
  9. Creosote by Kendra McKinley on Creosote (self-released) New Local
  10. Woman by Little Simz, Cleo Sol (Age 101)
  11. Potion by Astu (Boyish) New Local
  12. Don't Tell Me by Madonna on Music (Warner)
  13. Portrait by Crisman on Crisman (Topshelf)
  14. After You (Samantha's Song) by Snarls (Take This To Heart) New
  15. R.E.M. Dog by Grooblen on One of Four (self-released) Local