SF ZINEFEST SPECIAL!! w/ The Queenby & Blue Hare Comix

The Queenby makes vaporwave inspired zines, writes smutty poetry, and tells us what it means to Smoke Colors. She's been tabling with FPM Publishing recently with her zine rack and instant sticker printer, and will be sharing a table at the SF Zinefest with FPM, at its new location in the Metreon this year.

@dontbedumbo_ on Insta to check out more of Queenby's work!

Also Blue Hare Comix returns to discuss this, their 6th SF Zinefest!

Insta/Twitter - @blueharecomix


  1. Aliens by Dr. Octagon on Return of Dr. Octagon (OCD International)
  2. Step to My Girl by Sould of mischief on Heiro Oldies Vol 1 (Hiero Imperium)
  3. SURPRISE OF SUMMER by Anri on Coool (Anri)
  4. Doomsday by MF Doom on Operation: Doomsday (Fondle 'em)
  5. Picking Up the Blues by Hexadecible on Picking Up The Blues (Hexadecible) New
  6. Megawave by Megawave on The United Shakes of America (Megawave)
  7. Frontline by N8Noface on Just Here To Die (Sin Cara Records)
  8. Banished - Beck Remix by JJ Doom on Bookhead (Lex Records LTD)
  9. I JUST WANNA PEE by Eevie Echoes on I Just Wanna Pee (Eevie Echoes) New
  10. Open Sore by Night Court on Open Sore (Night Court) New