episode 19

feat. Bad Tiger,Rat Tally, Blues Lawyer, + more ₊˚✧.


  1. Bragging Party by The Amps on Pacer (4AD)
  2. Like This by Bad Tiger (self-released) New Local
  3. Team Sports by Future Teens on Self Help (Triple Crown) New
  4. Prettier by Rat Tally (6131) New
  5. Romanticize The Shit Out of You by Janna Jamison (self-released) New
  6. Gustav by MMODE on Gustav (self-released)
  7. We Love You by Helen Love on Radio Hits 2 (Damaged Goods)
  8. New Queen by Expert Timing (Count Your Lucky Star) New
  9. Singing For You by Cry Baby (self-released) New
  10. Campfire by Frankie Bird (self-released) New
  11. Cinnamon by Hayley Williams on Petals for Armor (Atlantic)
  12. Little Deer by Spellling on The Turning Wheel (Sacred Bones) Local
  13. Photo ID by Remi Wolf on I'm Allergic To Dogs! (Island)
  14. Something Different by Blues Lawyer on Something Different (Mt.St.Mtn.) Local
  15. Hide by UV-TV on Happy (Deranged)
  16. The Washing Machine by Remember Sports on All of Something (Father Daughter)