Episode 21


  1. TheGreatSiphon by Boy Jugo (Self-Release)
  2. Emotional by Freddy River on Single (Self-Release)
  3. where would i be? by austin marc on Single (Self-Release)
  4. He (Can't Love You) by Falcxne on Single (Good Society)
  5. Smoothies in 1991 by Larry June on Out the Trunk (The Freeminded) Local
  6. J Dilla - Trashy by Halfpastfull on Vol. 2 Vintage (Bling47 Recordings)
  7. hot by heine aabo on Single (Self-Release)
  8. CAS DE SODRE by K, Le Maestro on Single (Self-Release)
  9. Bebop by Kaelin Ellis on After Thoughts (Self-Release)
  10. Justice by Kaelin Ellis on Moments (Self-Release)
  11. Simmer (feat. Burna Boy) by Mahlia on LOVE AND COMPROMISE (Asylum Records)
  12. Cool Side of the Pillow by Strehlow on Single (Memoir Music)
  13. Heart Don't Stand a Chance by MRDECAI on Single (Self-Release)
  14. 1974 by mtbrd on Single (Self-Release)
  15. Work by Fullbodydurag on Single (Self-Release)
  16. free from these chains by otxhello on Single (Self-Release)
  17. Do My Thing by Monty G on Single (Self-Release)