010 - New Mortuous, Acephalix, Frolic & more


  1. Featured Graveyard Rain by Mortuous on Upon Desolation (Carbonized Records) New Local
  2. Break
  3. Where Evil Dwells by Extremity on Coffin Birth (20 Buck Spin) Local
  4. Serve No King by Holy Death on Moral Terror (Self-Released) New
  5. Sadistica by Ritual Moon on Ritual Moon - Debut Album (Self-Released)
  6. Taking Root in Rotten Soil by Emberthrone on Godless Wonder (Seek & Strike Records) New
  7. Dreamless Hieroglyphs by Teeth on The Fog of Fatality (Translation Loss Records) Local
  8. Featured Human Zoo by Frolic on Fusion of Spirits (Self-Released) New Local
  9. Me and the Dog Die Together by 16 on Dream Squasher (Relapse Records)
  10. Lacerated by Wroht on Worship Rot (Self-Released) Local
  11. III by Ulthar on Nightgaunts MMXVI (Self-Released) New Local
  12. Brief as Each Other's Thrall by Death's Eminence on In a Hideous Dream Come True (Christopher Mason Carlin)
  13. Holy Macabre by Molten on Dystopian Syndrome (Goathellmusic) Local
  14. Orificial Purge by Vastum on Orificial Purge (20 Buck Spin) Local
  15. Martyrs to an Absent Savior by Depraver on Martyrs to an Absent Savior (1161019 Records)
  16. Featured Abyssal by Acephalix on Theothanatology (20 Buck Spin) New Local