cheetle radio 6.17.15...better be listening cuz this was a good one

tune in, you turtles.


  1. Root by Wove on EP I
  2. Never Forever by Singapore Sling on Tower of Foronicity (Fuzz Club Records)
  3. Die Life by The Soft Moon on Zeros
  4. Dropout by Creeping Pink Machine on An Afternoon on Fog Island
  5. Bumpy Road by Destruction Unit on Deep Trip (Sacred Bones Records)
  6. RNRFON by Tense Men on Where Dull Care is Forgotten (Faux Discx)
  7. I Got Soul by Andy Human and the Reptoids (sol re sol)
  8. Open Those Savage Eyes by Luke Sweeney on Adventure: Us (Aerobic International)
  9. 9 by follakzoid on II (Sacred Bones)
  10. White Bats by Wooden Indian Burial Ground