Covid Cult # 33 - Muted house, Ween, Vchera


  1. Vchera by AL-90, FMSAO on Hibernation (Fuselab)
  2. Spellcast by Darkswoon on Bloom decay (Dark swoon)
  3. Eaten by Wolves by Darkswoon on Bloom decay (Dark swoon)
  4. Did it again by Panda Bear, Teebs on Did it again (Brainfeeder)
  5. Mantras by Paradox Obscur on Synoesis (self)
  6. Hazing by Sextile on 3 (Felte)
  7. Burn It Down by Boy Harsher on Burn It Down (Nude Club)
  8. Naprav by FMSAO on self (self)
  9. Babylon by BOAN on Mentiras (Holodeck)
  10. When I Go by Ivy Lab on Stars (2020LDN)
  11. Not Allowed by TV Girl on French Exit (Self-Released)
  12. Irrestible by Deafheaven on deathwish (sunbather)
  13. A Little Asphalt Here and There by To Rococo Rot on amateur view (city slang)
  14. spurv edit by al-90 on murmansk-60 (resonance moscow)
  15. Chotto Matte by Schneider TM on Binkular (mirrorworld)
  16. Clockwork by Lime Garden on Marbles (So young)
  17. Beep by M.I.A. on beep (island)
  18. Like a villain by Bad Omens on death of peace of mind (Sumerian)
  19. cabin fever by Cherry glazer, juice jackal on cabin fever (wedidit)
  20. Sarah by Ween on pure guava (chocodog)
  21. Mellanrum by Dina Ögon , Anna Ahnlund & Daniel Ögren on Tombola 94 (Manus)
  22. Tetramorph by Rachika Nayar on heaven come crashing (nna tapes)
  23. Danielle (smile on my face) by Fred again.. on Danielle (smile on my face) (Warner Music UK)