Radioculars 15//20


  1. Creeper by L.A. Jeff on Holidaze Inn (Weiner Records)
  2. Cough Pills by Damaged Bug on Cold Hot Plumbs (Castle Face)
  3. Switched by Body Cheetah on Raking the Wind (Woozy Tribe)
  4. Come Into My World by Creeping Pink (Castle Face Records)
  5. Live To Tell by Little Wings on Explains (Woodsist)
  6. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff by Part Time on Virgo's Maze (Burger Records)
  7. The Knower by Youth Lagoon on Savage Hills Ballroom
  8. Nasty Grrls by Childbirth on Women's Rights (Suicide Squeeze)
  9. When You Come Around by Old Smile
  10. Them Changes by Thundercat on They Beyond/Where The Giants Roam (Brainfeeder)
  11. Cracks by Cold Beat on Into the Air (Crime on the Moon)
  12. I've Got The Sanctioned Blues by Ultimate Painting on Green Lanes (Trouble In Mind)
  13. Picking My Bones by Jaill on Brain Cream (Burger Records)
  14. Be What You Are by The Cairo Gang on Goes Missing (God? Records)
  15. Cardboard Lamb by Crash Course in Science on Cardboard Lamb (Planete Rouge Records)
  16. Dreams Came True by Dan Svizeny on Whitecaps (Group Tightener)
  17. All Night by Public Health on down (theory eight)
  18. Saturday by SPORTS on All of Something (Father/Daughter Records)
  19. Why Does It Shake? by Protomartyr on The Agent Intellect (Hardly Art)
  20. After The Flood by The Woolen Men on Temporary Monument (Woodsist)
  21. Hold Me Closer by Yuck
  22. Milarepa by Hills on Frid (Rocket Recordings)
  23. Kelly by American Wrestlers on American Wrestlers (Fat Possom)
  24. Got Somebody to Dream About by Summer Twins (Burger Records)
  25. Crushed by Michael Statis on RIP III (Arbutus)
  26. Suburban Nights by Sean Nicholas Savage on Other Death (Arbutus)
  27. Coastal Cruise 86 by High Tides on High Tides (Rad Cult)
  28. Memories by Fenster on Emocean (Morr Music)