Saturday Morning Soul Salvation: Modern Psych Out


  1. Brexit at Tiffany's by Tess Parks on Do You Pray (359 Music)
  2. Like Exploding Stones by Kurt Vile on Like Expoding Stones (Matador)
  3. Do You by Ghost Woman on Ghost Woman (Full Time Hobby)
  4. Gonna Lose Your Mind by Maybird on Gonna Lose Your Mind (30th Century)
  5. Dreams Via Memories by Ceramic Animal on The Cart (Easy Eye Sound)
  6. Distraction by Ty Segall on Hello, Hi (Drag City)
  7. Food For the Clouds by Brian Jonestown Massacre on Revelation (Bomp)
  8. Transitions by Babe Lewis on Butterly/Transitions (Cherry Red)
  9. Switchback by Blase on Vertigo Valley (Animal 63)
  10. Please Don't Go by GIl Isaac on Ocean Emotion (OceanProduction)
  11. If I could Find YOU by Holy Drug Couple on Moonlust (Sacred Bones)
  12. There's Got to be SOme by Twilight Lounge on There's Got to be Some (Mercury)
  13. Ta Fardah by Paint on Spiritual Vegas (Lojinx)
  14. Astral Man by The Nude Party on The Nude Party (Epic)
  15. Rolling On by The Murlocs on Young Blindness (ATO)
  16. The Spectrals by I Run WIth Love on A Spectral Extended Play (Slumberland)
  17. Fucking With My Head by Beck on Mellow GOld (Geffen)
  18. Let It Ride by Soundcarriers on Harmonium (Ghost Box)
  19. Watching Cartoons by La Luz on Watching Cartoons (Hardly Art)
  20. Steely Dad by Drug Cabin on WIggle Room (401K Music Inc.)
  21. Madison by Drug Dealer on Madison (BMB)
  22. Joe Frazier by Orion's Belt on Mint (Coanda)
  23. She Believes in the Devil by Send Medicine on Mermaids on the Veranda (Honey House)
  24. Fever Night by Moon Duo on Stars Are The Light (Sacred Bones)
  25. Walk Like a Motherfucker by Ghost Funk Orchestra on A Song for Paul (Karma Cheif)