rainStation: episode 2

This episode will consist of tracks premiered from the netlabel Audio Bambino as well as tracks from various other collectives like landline, armada springs, and haibane.


  1. 3.60FPS by BLKSMIITH on DIGITAL TWIN (Independent)
  2. Bunz [2047 EROTICA] by Mezer (Angels Gun Club)
  3. bounce to this!!!!! by #ff85f7 on Agony (GZ999)
  4. The End Of The World by D2A (Independent)
  5. Compare You To A Summer's Day by dJ Coldsteel on Purifier (AUDIO BAMBINO)
  6. Consumer Magick by dJ Coldsteel on Purifier (AUDIO BAMBINO)
  7. running up the hill by dj mantis (soundcloud)
  8. Downpour by #ff85f7 (GZ999)
  9. dynanism by disctr4k on progression breaks (soundcloud)
  10. Deepness by Electric Blue on Away / Deepness (Youtube)
  11. empty by KoçitSkoria (Soundcloud)
  12. Ether by Vaporchrome on Y2K20 (Landline Collective)
  13. Future Tone by Vaporchrome (Landline Collective)
  14. El Dinio's Mansion by HEAR; FIRST: Cyberflex on EVR004 (Soundcloud)
  15. hev.n spear by zaphyre on single (self released)
  16. I Just Can't Believe It by wndwshppng, GOLEMM (Soundcloud)
  17. Atlantis by LTJ Bukem on Producer 01 (self released)
  18. Media Junglist by 5ubaruu, Dvstrr (self released)
  19. motherlode by miya lowe (Soundcloud)
  20. NOISEWOUND by NEUROTOXIN (Soundcloud)
  21. Pepsimax by wndwshppng (Soundcloud)
  22. Persecution by dJ Coldsteel (Soundcloud)
  23. Love Parade 98 by Siu Mata (Angels Gun Club)
  24. highground by Gobelki (AUDIO BAMBINO)
  25. X Plus Y by Sully (Youtube)
  26. UB-01 by AITANA★★OFICIAL (Soundcloud)
  27. Hypersleep (97 Revamp) by Voyager RR, RR (Youtube)
  28. Wounds Will Heal by BLKSMIITH (Soundcloud)
  29. Resign [Posse Up!] by Blazers (Soundcloud)
  30. YTP DNA by childsplay (independent)