Sounds In The Dark - 10.26.22

Tonight's edition features new music from Sunda Arc, Pjusk + Chihei Hatakeyama, Sam Prekop, Erland Cooper, Formless, Benoit Pioulard + Jogging House, Bonobo, Gigi Masin and much more!


  1. Kepesh by Arms and Sleepers on The Organ Hearts (Arms and Sleepers)
  2. Vahine by Gigi Masin (Language of Sound)

    New Preview of a new record out November 11th by Masin.

  3. Defender by Bonobo (OUTLIER)

    New A new 'surprise' single from Bonobo. Dancy, fun, great listening.

  4. Distant Siren by Sunda Arc (Gondwana Records)

    New Preview of Night Lands, which lands in your record cabinet Nov. 25th

  5. Fall is Farewell by Sam Prekop on The Sparrow (Thrill Jockey)

    New I seriously love this record. I'll probably play every track off of it for you.

  6. The Art of Meditation by Alan Watts, Paul Corley and Sigur Ros on Innerspace Music (Formless)

    New Opening track for another fave of 2022 so far. Seriously - sit comfortably and enjoy this track.

  7. In My Tree by Benoit Pioulard + Jogging House on Communique (Benoit Pioulard + Jogging House)

    New A beautiful collection of long-form pieces from Pioulard and Frankfurt-based synthesizer master Jogging House.

  8. Music for Growing Flowers, Pt. 1 by Erland Cooper on Music For Growing Flowers (Mercury KX)

    New New release from Cooper, a Scottish composer and musician.

  9. Morkebla by Pjust + Chihei Hatakeyama on Svaberg (Fnugg Fonogram)

    New Awesome July 2022 release from a pair of longform ambient masters.

  10. Folte by Michiro Aoyama on Umi (bullflat 3.8)

    New New October release from Kyoto's Aoyama, on his personal label.

  11. Empty Jar by Phaeleh on Lost Time (Undertow)
  12. Suddenly Spring by Bochum Welt on Good Programs (To Be Coloured in Yellow) (BMG)
  13. Interior Music 012 (Short Version) by XYR (Best Effort Records) New