Episode 23


  1. Palm Trees by MXXWLL (Self-Release)
  2. Frozen by Oshi (Self-Release)
  3. Let Whip the Club by zerodegray on Single (Self-Release)
  4. bckst freestyle by esta. (Self-Release)
  5. Owe Me Back by Sango on Single (Self-Release)
  6. Back 2 Basics by Afrikano on Single (Self-Release)
  7. no limit by austin marc on Single (Self-Release)
  8. every sec every min by austin marc on Single (Self-Release)
  9. Substance by 03 Greedo on The Wolf of Grape Street (Alamo Records, LLC / Sony Music Entertainment)
  10. Hearthrob by Father (Self-Release)
  11. 2MS by Nemzzz on Single (Self-Release)
  12. Interstellar (w/ Bari) by Monte Booker on Single (Self-Release)
  13. SIMPLER by Mr. Carmack on Single (Self-Release)
  14. Barbara Walters by GOLDRUN w/ Biskwiq on Single (Self-Release)
  15. Don't Love You Like I Do by Sango on Single (Self-Release)
  16. Lotus Eater by Jarreau Vandal on Single (Soulection)
  17. wait hold up (short bump) by eugene cam (Self-Release)