Happy (Belated) Halloween feat. Exhumed, Pathology, Lithopaedia


  1. Featured Drained of Color by Exhumed on To The Dead (Relapse Records) New Local
  2. Bestial Vengeance by Ascended Dead on Ascended Dead/Atomicide Split (Dark Descent Records)
  3. Black Pyramid Ritual by Scolex (Carbonized Records) Local
  4. Murder of the Ancients by Embryonic Devourment on Heresy of the Highest Order (Unique Leader Records)
  5. Featured The Deader The Better by Cartilage on The Deader The Better (Creator-Destructor Records) Local
  6. The Reanimator by Putrid Tomb on Putrid Tomb (1606451 Records DK)
  7. Depolarization of the Spine by Malignant on Reign of Decrepitude (807760 Records DK)
  8. Human Meat by CANGRENA (3117667 Records DK)
  9. Pustulant Spawn by Evulse on Pustulant Spawn (Transylvanian Recordings) Local
  10. Dead Eyed Smile by Logistic Slaughter on Lower Forms of LIfe (Ungodly Ruin Productions) Local
  11. G.O.R.E. by Impaled on The Last Gasp (Willowtip Records) Local
  12. Neck Snap by Desoectomy on Predatory Barbaric Behaviors (Self-Released) New
  13. Zodiac by Lithopaedia on Promo 2020 (New Standard Elite)
  14. Featured Severed from the Godhead by Swine Overlord on Entheogenesis (Gore House Productions)
  15. Death Ritual Deciphered by Pathology on The Everlasting Plague (Nuclear Blast Records)