The B0ardcast Episode 40


  1. Saturday by SPORTS on All of Something (Visit
  2. Everyone is in charge of themselves by coach longlegs on NO DOGS AT SHOWS (Visit
  3. Falling Down by Tall Juan on Falling Down (Single) (Visit
  4. Dreaming Of Dreaming by The Nymphets on Pro-Fucking-Motional (Label)
  5. Versace by lost boy ? on Wasted [ep] (Visit
  6. Dexter's Got a Sinister Heart by The Faintest Ideas on What Goes up Must Calm Down ( Song ID: 201163208)
  7. Crush by Nudes on 5 songs (Visit
  8. Strawberry by The Wych Elm on Mother Bark Spit (Visit
  9. i don't care by Nice Try on convinced (Visit
  10. Take It As It Comes by wimps on Super Me (Visit
  11. Flowers by Year Of Glad on Year Of Glad (Visit