1. My Take by Loraine James on Building Something Beautiful For Me (Phantom Limb) New
  2. Boil First by Bill Nace on Through A Room (Drag City) New
  3. L-Junc by Dale Cornish on Traditional Music of South London (The Death Of Rave) New
  4. Perjamuan (The Supper) by Senyawa & Lawrence English & Aviva Endean & Peter Knight & Helen Svoboda & Joe Talia on The Prey and The Ruler (Room40) New
  5. Pallas Athena by Dominic Coppola & Angelo Harmsworth on Pavonine (Total Black) New
  6. Frass by Mister Water Wet on Top Natural Drum (Soda Gong) New
  7. Dome by Nueen on Diagrams of Thought (Balmat) New
  8. Another Ending (Theme to TraumaZone) by Lawrence English on Themes and Atmospheres for Adam Curtis's TraumaZone (Room40) New
  9. Filthy Club by Nug on Napping Under God (3XL) New
  10. macys by ulla on foam (3XL) New
  11. The Dreamer by Anja Lauvdal on From a Story Now Lost (Smalltown Supersound) New
  12. A1 by Adrian Corker on TIBSLC Re-Works of Since It Turned Out Something Else (Constructive) New