EP 6: Confessions of an Insufferable Aging Hipster (Why I Might Die Alone)

I have a confession: I need a week off from super sad music. Instead, I am going to focus on what very well may be a strong contributing factor as to why I may indeed DIE ALONE.

Turns out- I am TRULY an insufferable aging hipster. And although this week's set list isn't going to be format conforming- I do believe it paints a narrative aligned with being so annoying that you die alone with your record collection.

It is worth noting that I DO NOT believe John Dwyer (OCS, Coachwhips, Pink + Brown) is an insufferable aging hipster- I simply used his picture because he was THEE Bay Area confirmed #1 cool dude of my era.

Sorry John Dwyer- you still rule!


  1. WE ARE WATER by HEALTH on GET COLOR (Lovepump United)
  2. Birth Control Blues by Arab on Radar on Yahweh or the Highway (Skin Graft)
  3. Plague of Frogs by Lake of Dracula on Camp Skin Graft (!): Now Wave (Skin Graft)
  4. Letter to ZZ Top by U.S. Maple on Long Hair in Three Stages (Skin Graft)
  5. So Long (Live) by Pink & Brown on If The 21st Century Didn't Exist, It Would Be Necessary To Invent It (Kill Rock Stars)
  6. Blood-Borne Hallucinogen by JonnyX and the Groadies on Liquid Crystal Despair (JX:ATG)
  7. Ride the Friendly Skies by Lightning Bolt on If The 21st Century Didn't Exist, It Would Be Necessary to Invent It (Kill Rock Stars)
  8. Fist Through Glass by The Flying Luttenbackers on Destroy All Music (Skin Graft)
  9. Thumbsucker by Burmese on Men (Load)
  10. Top Gun by Total Shutdown on Reflections (Special Lord)
  11. F.D.C. For Short by Melt-Banana on Charlie (A-Zap)
  12. Super You by Boredoms on Super Ae (Birdman)
  13. Dead Sun Rising by Zeni Geva on Desire for Agony (Alternative Tentacles)
  14. Diner Coffee by Mamaleek on Diner Coffee (Flenser)
  15. In Praise of Our Doubts by Father Murphy on Anyway Your Children Will Deny It (Aagoo)
  16. Working for the Mossad by Men's Recovery Project on Bolides Over Basra (Load)
  17. V1NC3NT COM3 ON DOWN by Brainiac on Hissing Prigs in Static Couture (Touch and Go)
  18. Parlour Games by Six Finger Satellite on Severe Exposure (Sub Pop)
  19. Elephantitus of the Night by Godheadsilo on Elephantitus of the Night (Kill Rock Stars)
  20. Stabbed in the Face by Wolf Eyes on Burned Mind (Sub Pop)
  21. Spit Tastes Like Metal by AIDS Wolf on The Lovvers LP (Skin Graft)
  22. Finished Again by Cows on Sorry in Pig Minor (Amphetamine Reptile)
  23. Karpis by The Jesus Lizard on Goat (Touch and Go)
  24. Pissing in the Population by The Chinese Stars on A Rare Sensation (Three One G)
  25. Word of Warning by Nate Denver's Neck on Narwhal (Hello Books/Goodbye Greetings)
  26. Born in Xixax by Nina Hagen on Nun Sex Monk Rock (Columbia)