Luddite Radio - November 20, 2022


  1. Dear Oakie by Doyle O’Dell on Single (Exclusive)
  2. I’m Moving On by Hank Snow on Single (RCA Victor)
  3. Lazy Mazy by Bud Hobbs on Single (MGM)
  4. So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed by Ernest Tubb on Single (Decca)
  5. Bad Little Girl by Oklahoma Ed Moody on Single (Black&White)
  6. I’m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes by Jimmie Davis on Single (Decca)
  7. I’m Free At Last by Ernest Tubb on Single (Decca)
  8. That Crazy War by Lulu Belle and Scotty on Single (Okeh)
  9. Dangerous Ground by Jimmie Lawson on Single (Columbia)
  10. Great Speckle Bird by Roy Acuff and his Smokey Mountain Boys on Single (Columbia)
  11. True Life Blues by Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys on Single (Columbia)
  12. Back Yard Stomp by Sweet Violet Boys on Single (Columbia)
  13. Waiting For A Train by Ernest Tubb on Single (Decca)
  14. Where Is My Boy Tonight by Jimmie Davis on Single (Decca)
  15. Headin’ Down The Wrong Highway by Ted Daffan’s Texans on Si (Okeh)
  16. My Adobe Hacienda by Louise Massey & The Westerners on Single (Columbia)
  17. Moon’s Tune by Moon Mullican on Single (King)
  18. Port To Portal Pay by Fairley Holden and his Six Ice Cold Papas on Single (King)
  19. My Man by Charlie Shavers and his All American Five on Single (Keynote Recordings)
  20. Salute To Fats by Johnny Guarnieri’s All-Star Orchestra on Single (Savoy)
  21. Chlo-E by Art Tatum on Single (Decca)
  22. Doin’ The Campus Crawl by Bob Finley and his Orchestra on Single (Romeo)
  23. They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree by Gene And Glenn on Single (Victor)
  24. Me And The Man In The Moon by Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians on Single (Columbia)
  25. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles by Lester McFarland and Robert A. Gardner on Single (Brunswick)
  26. How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down On The Farm by Arthur Fields on Single (Victor)
  27. Someday Sweetheart by Gene Austin on Single (Victor)
  28. Amoureuse Waltz by Guido Gialdini on Single (Victor)
  29. Chloe by The Harmonians on Single (Velvet Tone)
  30. Isn’t She The Sweetest Thing by Nick Lucas on Single (Brunswick)
  31. Dream House by Chas. W. Hamp on Single (Columbia)
  32. You Laughed And I Cried by Jack Guthrie and his Oklahomans on Single (Capitol)
  33. Judy by Ford Lewis on Single (4Star)