Episode Six Shooter of Love

Morning y'all!

As usual, this broadcast comes from Ramaytush Ohlone land, known today as San Francisco, CA. Down with patriarchal white supremacy in all its forms and permutations. Today and every day we fight for a better world, one where all human people have their needs met and can live in bountiful joy.

So much love,

-Gabi <3


  1. Green Forest by Raura, RAURA EMMA SUZUKI, ART AND MUSIC (Raura Music)
  2. White Ferrari by Frank Ocean on blonde (Boys Don't Cry)
  3. Vines to Make it All Worth It by Runnner (Run For Cover Records)
  4. nostalgia by Ann Annie, Rose Brokenshire on homeward (ep) (ann annie) New
  5. Dreams by POP ETC on Covers Collection (POP ETC Records)
  6. Phone Home by Mia Joy on Spirit Tamer (Fire Talk)
  7. Lodadore by Uwade (1447980 Records DK)
  8. Beautiful by The Lemonheads on Varshons (Cooking Vinyl Limited)
  9. Crazy - Single Version by Patsy Cline on Gold (MCA Nashville)
  10. Their Morals and Ours by Hot Sugar on Mob Mentality (Noise Collector Records)
  11. Violin Making by Joe Pera Talks With You & Holland Patent Public Library on Season 2 Soundtrack (Adult Swim Music)
  12. Alley Flowers by Jolie Holland on Catalpa (Anti)
  13. Six White Horses by Gillian Welch on The Harrow & The Harvest (Acony Records)
  14. when we're far apart i fall apart by Abby Holiday on WHEN WE'RE FAR APART I FALL APART (Abby Holiday)
  15. I'm Clean Now by Grouper (YELLOWELECTRIC)
  16. Declutter by illuminati hotties on Kiss Yr Frenemies (Tiny Engines)
  17. Steamboat by Adrianne Lenker on Hours Were the Birds (Saddle Creek)
  18. Crescent by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on A Decade Deeper (Kemado Records)
  19. Featured Arcs by Kelly McFarling on Bed of a River (Kelly McFarling) New Local