episode 6

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  1. Las Cruces Jail by Two Gallants on What the Toll Tells (Saddle Creek Records)
  2. Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Genocide I Learned in the Third Grade by The Broadways on Broken Star (Asian Man Records)
  3. Chad’s Favorite Song by Defiance Ohio on Demo (Self-Released)
  4. Fuck Cops by Asking for It on Happy Birthday Hitler (Self Released)
  5. The World Turned Upside Down by Erik Petersen on Occupy Philadelphia 2011 (Self-Released)
  6. Remnants of What People Used to Be by Days N Daze on Rogue Taxidermy (Self-released)
  7. Reinlander, WI by Wingnut Dishwashers Union on Towards a World without Dishwashers (Spare Change Records)
  8. Cops by Ankle Grease on Straight to the Bottom: Back to the Bottom (Self Released)
  9. Hobo Life by John Paul Wright on Singin’ to the Choir (Self Released)
  10. The Barrel by Mischief Brew on Jobs in Steeltown (Self Released)
  11. Fuck Cops by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains on Easter Sunday Hangover (Spare Change Records)
  12. All Roads Lead to Nowhere by Rail Yard Ghosts on Days N' Daze // Rail Yard Ghosts Split (Goathead Record Collective)
  13. The Black Panther Song by This Bike is a Pipebomb on Dance Party with… (Plan-It-X Records)
  14. Siren (Stick & Poke Split) by My Pizza My World on Eat It! (All We’ve Got Records)
  15. Anarchy of Dirt by Pat the Bunny on Ceschi / Pat the Bunny (Self-Released)
  16. A Car Wreck in Santa Cruz by Dirty Kid Discount on A Life Amongst the Ruins (Smelvis Records)