transfiguration #268 horny for cloud porn mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Untitled (Branches) by Mads Emil Nielsen on Black Box 3 (Arbitrary)
  2. May Rain by Greg Dallas & Jan Esbra on May Rain - Single (The Slow Music Movement)
  3. Upright and Even by Mr Twin Sister on Upright and Even (Twin Group)
  4. Beams of Love by Seahawks on Infinite Echo (Cascine)
  5. Forest Day Spa by Dawn Again on Glyder Fawr (The Legend of Gelert)
  6. Perfect Craft by Nicolas Snyder on Spell of Remembrance (Evening Chants)
  7. Night Stream by Chari Chari on Folk Remedy Anthem (Seeds And Ground)
  8. Song of Healing by Work Money Death on Thought, Action, Reaction, Interaction (ATA Records)
  9. Mama Koko (feat. Moor Mother) by The Art Ensemble of Chicago on Erased Tapes 十五 (Erased Tapes Records Ltd.)
  10. Straight Path (feat. Latarnik & Tenderlonious) by Jaubi on Nafs at Peace (feat. Latarnik & Tenderlonious) (Astigmatic Records & Jaubi)
  11. megafauna by RAMZi on hyphea (Music From Memory)
  12. Planetary J by tëlemek on VALEHDELLA (SIN HILO)
  13. Wailing Spruce by Unknown Mobile on Aurora (Quern Records)
  14. 4 Am by Space Ghost on 4 Am - Single (Tartelet Records)
  15. Impulse by Yumi Iwaki & Carlos Ferreira on Tenderness (Modern Obscure Music)
  16. Changing Earth by Matthew Halsall on Changing Earth (Gondwana Records)
  17. Sounds Like Freedom by Rosa Brunello, Yazz Ahmed, Maurice Louca & Marco Frattini on Sounds Like Freedom (Domanda Music)
  18. Selam Temagwet by Imperial Tiger Orchestra on Mercato (12th Anniversary Edition) (Mental Groove Records)
  19. Feeling, Now by Photay & Carlos Niño on More Offerings (International Anthem)
  20. This Place That Place by Makaya McCraven on In These Times (International Anthem)
  21. Il Consiglio by Gianni Brezzo on Tutto Passa (Jakarta Records)
  22. Marilene (Somewhere in Texas) by Gigi Masin on Vahiné (Language of Sound)
  23. Haubtbahnhof by Picture Music on Picture Music (Left Ear Records)
  24. Harp of Yaman by Christina Vantzou, Michael Harrison & John Also Bennett on Harp of Yaman - Single (Séance Centre)
  25. Willow Leaf Pear by Szun Waves on Earth Patterns (Expanded Edition) (The Leaf Label)