Crucified by club music, The Lost Hour welcomes bouncy beats and ruthless 4-deck magic tricks from local-DJ supernova Del! Del packs a powerful 60 minutes, teeming with hypnotic edits. Tom dissociates into the chair enjoying the tunes and forgets to host the radio show. Oopsies.

Happy Monday~ ~tom

The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal music fun~ sometimes featuring guests and their funky thoughts and tunes.


  1. 72.8 by Sienna Sleep on Sienna Sleep & Serenity Pill (Dismiss Yourself)
  2. Henry 85 (FCL Weemix) by Dusky on Henry 85 (Aus Music/ Simple Records/ Aus Music)
  3. Ode to Mord by KOOXLA (Self-Release)
  4. Love Your More (Blanco Club Edit) by EL BLANCO NINO on BLANCO CARE PACKAGE 2K18 (Self-Release)
  5. Culture Vulture by Vincent Remember (Self-Release)
  6. 1 Thing Remix by DJ Juwan (Self-Release)
  7. WOO by EL BLANCO NINO on LATE TO THE PARTY (Self-Release)
  8. Crazy (Thunderbird Juicebox Remix) by Doechii (Self-Release)
  9. The Dump by Thunderbird Juicebox on The Good, The Bad, and The Bannable (Lossless Edition) (Self-Release)
  10. Twerkulator by POUCH ENVY on Single (Self-Release)
  11. Twerk It Out by Qnoe (Self-Release)
  12. Like a Boy (Sydney Sousa Remix) by Ciara (Self-Release)
  13. Uninvited by Hyalyte (Self-Release)
  14. Acrylics (hikeii Baile Edit) by TNGHT (Self-Release)
  15. Laserbeam (HaZo & Dyzzy Baile Remix) by Ray Volpe (Self-Release)
  16. COZY (VOGUE CLUB BEY MIX) by Jay R Neutron (Self-Release)
  17. Time 4 The D by Stink Floyd (Self-Release)
  18. WHO I SMOKE (NOW I WONDER) by Gutta! (Self-Release)
  19. Turn Off the Lights (Freekill Remix) by Dog Blood (BSMNT)
  20. Bad Bunny + Archangel- P FKN R by WesFlex on Single (Self-Release)
  21. A Momentous Adventure by Thunderbird Juicebox on The Good, The Bad, and The Bannable (Lossless Edition) (Self-Release)
  22. Ratchets (Ghostfxce Flip)V1 by Dusty Locane (Self-Release)
  23. POPPIN' by ALRT (NRG)
  24. Woke Up by Pouch Envy (Self-Release)
  25. WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN (WET EARTH MIX) by FC (Self-Release)
  26. Mas Sofrito by Radical One (Self-Release)
  27. EFFECTIVO €€€€€€ by OSSX on OSSX EP (Self-Releas)
  28. BIAA BIAA *Crazy Jungle Edit* by CRAZE (Self-Release)
  29. E-Motion by The Glitch Mob (Glass Air)
  30. Fallen by Juelz & Capshun (Broke)
  31. Rescue Me by Ticklish on Single (Self-Release)