Warm Focus: Perihelion

A super eclectic set today. We start off as if we were scoring a Western, shift waves of synth-fuzz and California sunshine, get allllmost clubby before backing off into downbeat Blue Note and hip-hop influenced tracks. What does it all have in common? Hopefully: it transmits at least as much light as heat; it creates a space for you to hold attention, without being attention grabbing. Tweet @hoverbird and lemme know if it was working for you 🙏


  1. Sketch for Summer (live) by The Durutti Column
  2. I Set My Face to the Hillside by Tortoise
  3. Whistling In Tongues by Felix Laband on Dark Days Exit
  4. While You Doooo by Teebs on Ardour
  5. The Traitor by Menehan Street Band on Late Night Tales - Bonobo (Late Night Tales)
  6. Yeti's Lament by Berry Wright on Music for Imaginary Movies
  7. Green Grass Of Tunnel by Múm on Finally We Are No One (Morr Music)
  8. Monterey by The Echelon Effect on Pacific
  9. Pointillice by Floex on Pocustone
  10. Sakamoto's Spring by Tokimonsta on Desiderium (Young Art Records)
  11. Imprint of Pleasure by Tube & Berger on Pleasure Dip
  12. Friends Fade In And Out by Ofusc on Internal Countryside
  13. I Saw The Bright Shinies by The Octopus Project on Hello, Avalanche
  14. Spectre - Bibio Remix by Tycho on Awake (Ghostly International)
  15. Gumball Machine Weekend by Yppah on Gumball Machine Weekend
  16. Suite 2 by RJD2 on More Is Than Isn't
  17. Burnt Sienna and Avocado by Emperor Penguin on Mysterious Pony (My Pal God)
  18. Triangle by BADBADNOTGOOD on III
  19. For Belgian Friends by The Durutti Column on A Factory Quartet [FAC24] (Factory Records)
  20. Kepesh by Arms and Sleepers on The Organ Hearts
  21. Tenuous Gears by Damiak on Miscalavera
  22. Ulrich Schnauss by Weightless Memories on Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk
  23. Naoki by Guitar on Tokyo
  24. Ursa Major by Floex on Zorya
  25. Blue Eyed Bitter by Aeroc on Viscous Solid
  26. Old, New Bicycle by Helvetia on The Acrobats
  27. Purrfect by Funki Porcini on Love Pussycats & Car Wrecks
  28. The Here and After (Instrumental) by Jun Miyake on Pena OST
  29. Distant Land by Madlib on Shades of Blue: Madlib Invades Blue Note (Blue Note)
  30. Move by I'm Not A Gun on We Think as Instruments