Sounds In The Dark - 12.14.22

Tonight's edition features new music from Giulio Aldinucci, Antonina Car, Ian Hawgood, Wang Wen, Dylan Henner, Little North and lots more!


  1. COME IN UN RESPIRO by Giulio Aldinucci on Real (Karlrecords) New
  2. Fluid Matter by Antonina Car on Immersed Sensibilities (Time Released Sound) New
  3. I'm Not Sure We Belong by Ian Hawgood on Mysterious Shapes and Remembered Rhythms (Home Normal) New
  4. Light Behind The Wall by Wang Wen on Painful Clown & Ninja Tiger (Pelagic Records) New
  5. I Hope I Will Be Remembered As A Good Person by Dylan Henner on You Always Will Be (AD93) New
  6. Deformed Pearl by Susumu Yokota on Baroque (United Sounds of Blue)

    A truly fabulous record from Yokota, recently re-released as a double 12" on Modern Obscure Music

  7. Memory Print Boutique by Eluvium on CATALIN (Eluvium)
  8. With Four Shadows by Little North (April Records)

    New Preview of upcoming record Wide Open, which releases in January!

  9. Violet by Loscil & Lawrence English on Colours Of Air (Kranky)

    New Preview of a new collaborative record out on Feb. 3rd!

  10. Bioluminescence (feat. Ariel Kalma & Surya Botofasina) by Carlos Nino & Friends on Bioluminescence (Leaving Records) New
  11. Medallion by Jogging House (Jogging House) New
  12. Deipkier by Craven Faults on Erratics & Unconformities (The Leaf Label)
  13. Nineteen Ninety by Liam Mour on Dreaming Of A Better Place (Ode To Youth)
  14. Amon Ra by Raul Lovisoni, Frencesco Messina on Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo (Superior Viaduct)