rainStation w Tom Marsi ep7


  1. 0 zhu by TWERKNATION TRIBUTE (Self-Release)
  2. あめあがりのうた Prototype by Snail's House (Self-Release)
  3. Balloons Prototype by Snail's House on Single (Self-Release)
  4. intro by ndeluv on LUVYEAR (Self-Release)
  5. ˆé‚∫≠Ì∆¯ by 黒魔 / Chroma on Ÿˆ≠ (Self-Release)
  6. street dog.wav by 黒魔 / Chroma on Ÿˆ≠ (Self-Release)
  7. ‚N≠à≠¢≠È≠¢‰≈® by 黒魔 / Chroma on Ÿˆ≠ (Self-Release)
  8. Juke Your Body by DJ Kuroki Kouichi (Self-Release)
  9. Field Recording by Tom Marsi on Single (Self-Release) Local
  10. jibaro tek by Tom Marsi (Self-Release) Local
  11. iwiwiw by a1ko (Self-Release)
  12. Sayonara Utsukushii Usagi Anata O Aishite Imasu by Goreshit (Self-Release)
  13. 0101 by 黒魔 / Chroma on Ÿˆ≠ (Self-Release)
  14. fckfckfck by 3l3d3p (Self-Release)
  15. Ibitbt by 3l3d3p (Self-Release)
  16. SPACE GUIDE DANCING SILLY by 3mouth (Self-Release)
  17. Robotic Hero by 黒魔 / Chroma (Self-Release)
  18. Organization by Tomu DJ on Rocking in the free world (Side Chick) Local
  19. Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything by Toby Fox on UNDERTALE Soundtrack (Materia Collective)
  20. F-BEAT D-WORK by SOFTKILL a.k.a. txqx on v.o.c. EP3 (Self-Release)
  21. Infatuation (The Abyss) by SOPHIE on OIL OF EVERY PEARL'S UN-INSIDES NON-STOP REMIX ALBUM (MSMSMSM INC / Future Classic)
  22. Tranny by Seth Dizon (3838888 Records DK) Local
  23. corsa by Nedaj on NO MERCY (NUMBPROMISES) New
  24. Յ ՄՀ ՀՎ ՅՄ Տȝ ʅȝՇԵՐ ԾՇՄ Ե ɿ Շ Թloud by Cloud on single (self-released)
  25. tank devil by knoxsonder on single (self released)
  26. hey Poptart, Record this! by rainsdeaf on rains archive (self-released)
  27. FUCK EVERYTHING by saves on single (self-released)
  28. like a bitch by fallen shrine on single (self-released)
  29. eye 2 eye by WEB on single (self released)
  30. EVIL STUPID MUSIC by 5002 SEVEN on single (self released)
  31. curbed by Mom$ on single (self released)
  32. 2ST SKINNYY by DjBE on single (ravemail)
  33. vision by blush on single (self released)
  34. HIT N RUN by Mom$ on single (self released)
  35. CLAIM by Mom$ on single (self released)
  36. sh8k or die (BWFO VA001) by KILLRN!K on single (self released)
  37. 2022 $occer Ball Danceparty Music by Meeno Wave on single (self released)
  38. dreamcast by strait jacket on single (self released)
  39. Everything That Lives Comes To an End by purity://filter on single (self released)
  40. ONI by ABEM on single (self released)
  41. Dying Breed by bloodlust on single (self released)
  42. PORRADÃO DE SOM by unknown on single (self released)
  43. Distopia Inmoral by DJ VALENTIMES on single (self released)