PICKLEPLANET #46 end of year pt2

more feelings and highlights pt2

uhh happy new year?


  1. here we go again by the hives on barely legal (burning heart records)
  2. Ratchet by Bloc Party on FOUR (French Kiss Records)
  3. Disparate Youth by Santigold on Master Of My Make-Believe (Atlantic)
  4. Always Then by The KVB on Always Then (Clan Destine Records)
  5. Love Letters by Corners on Maxed out on Distraction (Corners)
  6. The One to Wait by CCFX on CCFX EP (DFA)
  7. afterglow by cathedral bells on afterglow (born losers records)
  8. 18 Cigarettes by Ducks Ltd. on Modern Fiction (Carpark)
  9. Dance Away by Roxy Music on Manifesto (Atco)
  10. Friend Machine by Nation of Language on Introduction, Presence (Self Released)
  11. If We Don't Speak by Alien Boy on Sleeping Lessons (Tiny Engines)
  12. Grecian Urn by Adult Books on Grecian Urn (Taxi Gauche)
  13. Pesce Spada by Amante Amato on Pesce Spada (Amante Amato)
  14. Waiting on the Moment by Jonathan Bree on After the Curtains Close (Jonathan Bree)
  15. High Priestess by Santigold on Spirituals (Little Jerk)
  16. having everything to do with nothing by Commissure on Outfield (Self Released)