The B0ardcast Episode 41


  1. Get Bent by Fresh on Gewingchum (Visit
  2. Music And Me by The Cannanes And Steward on Communicating At An Unknown Rate (Visit
  3. Parecida a Vos by Tall Juan on Falling Down (Single) (Visit
  4. Woodside, Queens by Juan Wauters on Who Me? (Captured Tracks)
  5. Fula Colónense by MASSENGER on MASSENGER LP (Visit
  6. Upping Doses by Kryten on Soda Jerk (Visit
  7. So by Lala Lala on HAVE A GOOD DAY (Visit
  8. Nothing's Holy by Moon Types on Know The Reason 7 (Visit
  9. When You're Lonely by Soda Shop on Farewell (Visit
  10. smallhopes by pitschouse on pitschouse (Visit
  11. Are You Real by Mini Dresses on FOUR (Visit
  12. Hollow Moon by Seapony on A Vision (Label)
  13. when are you going to by Azul Toga on #2 (Visit
  14. Room Song by Plums on jen (Visit
  15. Cops by Cry Baby on Cry Baby (Visit
  16. Forget It by Proto Idiot on Idiot Proto (Label)
  17. No Will by The Wendy Darlings on The Insufferable Fatigues of Idleness (Visit
  18. La La No by Lucern Raze on Stockholm One [LP] (Visit
  19. CaLi BoYz by Fernando & the Teenage Narcs on Can I Buy Some Drugs to Smoke Later? EP (Visit
  20. childs play by The Ethical Debating Society on New Sense (Label)
  21. Imagine A Dog by Totem Terrors on Hard Science (Label)
  22. Casual Cat At The Laundromat by Suburban Wives Club on Casual Cat At The Laundromat (Label)
  23. Vapor rub-out by Cupid car club on Werewolves! (Kill Rock Stars)
  24. You by Good Morning on On The Street / You (Visit
  25. Two by Nice Legs on Lullaby Land (Visit
  26. No Kings by The Total Bettys on No Kings (Visit
  27. Give a shit by coach longlegs on NO DOGS AT SHOWS (Visit
  28. New Honey by Rat Columns on do you remember real pain? (Visit
  29. Jerk Party by Washer on Bighead EP (Visit
  30. Umbro Season by Year Of Glad on Year Of Glad (Visit
  31. Left Behind by HEHFU on The Single Collection (Visit
  32. Assed Out (7 by Bueno on Assed Out 7 (Visit
  33. Hair Day by King Bitch on King Bitch - Lost In The Party: The Best of King Bitch (Visit
  34. True to Life by NODZZZ on True To Life (Label)
  35. RB saved my life by Rough Bunnies on Rough Bunnies saved my life (Label)
  36. Dead ≠ Alive by Oh Peas! on Shades Of Intolerance (Self-released)
  37. Animals by Passive Smoke on Inhale (Visit
  38. Break
  39. West Coast Weather by Trackstar on Communication Breaks ( Song ID: 218002087)