Episode 003


  1. 2016 by Mr. Carmack (Self-Released)
  2. Furnace Loop (Montell2099 Edit) by Hudson Mohawke on Furnace Loop (Montell2099 Edit) (Self-Released)
  3. Church (with Josh Pan) by MISOGI on PINK2 (Self-Released)
  4. Surface Wave by Alter/Ego, RemK on Alter/Ego Volume 1 (Alter/Ego)
  5. Surge by RemK, FrostTop on Surge (RemK, FrostTop)
  6. KOTA by plumpy, ROSSY on KOTA (Plump Ones Only)
  7. Division by sumthin sumthin (Jadu Dala)
  8. Distancing by Juelz (Lowly)
  9. On Top by rSUN (rSUN)
  10. JUMP BROS! by LYNY (Self-Released)
  11. Solid x Same Squad by Slumberjack, Troyboi, P-LO on Solid x Same Squad (Justice Park Edit) (Self-Released)
  12. Black Cherry x Diamonds (AWNG Edit) by Hudson Mohawke x Rihanna on Black Cherry x Diamonds (AWNG Edit) (Self-Released)
  13. Dreams (feat. KingJet) by Party Favor on Layers (Area25)
  14. The Way To Do It by rSUN on The Way To Do It (Jadu Dala)
  15. Make It Clap by XAVAGE, Jon Casey (Elysian Records)
  16. Lemonade (Mr. Carmack Remix) by Pharell Williams, Rihanna (Self-Released)
  17. A - 1 $•¥ by late year on A - 1 $•¥ (Self-Released)
  18. Hollow Tips by Effin on Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1 (Sable Valley)
  19. One Touch VIP (feat. AlunaGeorge) by Baauer (LuckyMe Records)
  20. BREAK LAW by Dog Blood, Skrillex, Boys Noize on Turn Off The Lights (Atlantic Recordings)
  21. Supercell by JAWNS on Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1 (Sable Valley)
  22. Rock The Bells by Boys Noize on Mayday (Boysnoize Records GmBh)
  23. Beat Me w/ josh pan by X&G, Nate Lowpass (Insomniac Records)
  24. Dank by Losco on Dank (Losco)
  25. Stockholm Syndrome by Project Paradis, Mr. Carmack, Promnite on Paradis 2 (Mad Decent)
  26. Fool by Rome in Silver on Fool (Thrive Music)
  27. Pursuit (JAWNS Version) by Gestaffelstein (Self-Released)
  28. Hexifornia (Gesaffelstein Cover) by Hex Cougar (Self-Released)
  29. baking soda by MadBliss on Boost Tape 03 (MadBliss)
  30. Bass Tang by UZ, Oski on Freezer (Quality Good Records)
  31. MISSY_REMIX_NOV by Baauer (Self-Released)
  32. Tested by Juelz on Tested (Sable Valley)
  33. Offender (Montell2099 Remix) by Dimension on Offender (Remixes) (Dimension)
  34. MDR by Party Favor, Baauer (Area25)
  35. Hunnid On The Drop (Mr. Carmack Remix) by Montell2099, 21 Savage on Hunnid On The Drop (Mr. Carmack Remix) (Self-Released)