Black Girl Joy Episode 109

End-Of-Year Campaign

Featuring Beckah Amani,Dana Lu, Henri B. Styles and more!


  1. Gorilla by Little Simz on NO THANK YOU (Forever Living Originals)
  2. I Need Your Love by Arthur Prysock on This Is My Beloved (The Verve Music Group)
  3. Touch Me by 2oo7 on Riot Of The Kelly Green Love (DOTWAV)
  4. Jumbo Jets by ernest rareberrg (Self-Released)
  5. Lebeka Leka by Beckah Amani on April (Self-Released)
  6. Bye Bye by Genesis Owusu on Missing Molars (Swnt Deluxe) (House Anxiety/Ourness)
  7. Respect Yuh Wife by Cecile on Diwali (Greensleeves)
  8. This Is by Grace Jones on Hurricane (Wall of Sound)
  9. Checking Out The Way I Feel by Yvonne Archer on Ain't Nobody (Isle of Jura)
  10. Príncipe Negro by Gaby Amarantos on TecnoShow (Deck)
  11. Bambo by Balla Et Ses Balladins on Objectif perfection (Syllart)
  12. Bia Sala (Heritage) by Balka Sound on Balka Sound (Strut)
  13. Love Love by Ferry Djimmy (Acid Jazz)
  14. fEELIN' aNxioUs by Demi Yo'ko (GLAM69)
  15. ORI by ORISUN on VISCERA! (FilthyBroke Recordings)
  16. Acidity by Pleasure Venom on Rebirth/Return (Wolfshield)
  17. Petty by Ivorian Doll (Self-Released)
  18. Aye Papi! by Dana Lu on Girls Having Fun Volume 2 (Self-Released)
  19. No One Reads the Manuals Any More by No Home on Young Professional (Hungry and Undervalued)
  20. I'm in pain too by April Maey on Airplane Mode (Bombshelter Digital)
  21. ONE LOOK by Yasmin (shinelikethis)
  22. Red Chili Pepper by Oliv Blu on Handle With Care (Oliv Blu Worldwide Vibrations)
  23. Handle With Care by Oliv Blu on Handle With Care (Oliv Blu Worldwide Vibrations)
  24. Your Word by IYAMAH on Sometimes, I'm Speechless (Self-Released)
  25. LAST TIME by Henri B. Styles on Single (B-SOUNDS)
  26. good n' ready by Alia Kadir (addis)
  27. Perspective: III. Derivative by Jlin (Cedille)
  28. Response by Coby Sey on Conduit (AD 93)
  29. Impossible Things by Leikeli47 (RCA)
  30. Time After Time by INOJ on Ready for the World (Self-Released)