No, exactly, I mean--totally! Yeah, definitely.

Co-Host of other BFF enterprise, Talk And Noise at Noon (TNN) and distributor of all things, juke, jukey, jungle-y and jammy, Discnogirl joins The Lost Hour for a powerful 60-minutes of boom-boom music and saying exaCTLY what we are thinking.

Catch Kenny/Discnogirl B2B-ing with DJ Buck under the smoochy-pseudonym, DJS Who Kiss, on Sunday, February 19th at Cat Club in SF, for the Kill Your Lover show. Info Below:

Happy Monday! ~tom

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The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal music fun~ sometimes featuring guests and their funky thoughts and tunes.


  1. Sad as Drugs by Emma DJ on Melon Siesto (L.I.E.S.)
  2. Good Booth by Emma DJ on Melon Siesto (L.I.E.S.)
  3. Sublimination by Neo Fresco (Self-Release)
  4. Combat Zone by Core Self (Self-Release)
  5. PELICAN BAY by Regal86 (Self-Release)
  6. Ajazent by Devil You Know on RAVETOOLS (Black Marble Collective)
  7. Creep Workout by Schacke on Welcome to the Pleasure Dome (Instruments of Discipline)
  8. Spit in Your Mouth by Dubsknit on М​И​Р Traxx (Polish Juke)
  9. c o n t i n u u m by YTT (Self-Release)
  10. BASIC BITCHES BE LIKE by ID Twins (Self-Release)
  11. Koreanbb(treasure hunt's performance edit) by Nömak (Self-Release)
  12. 1999 (STRIDER REMIX) by Charli XCX on Charli (Asylum)
  13. MSMCH (Sophie x Ice Spice Mashup) by estoc (Self-Release)
  14. Music Sounds Better With You (FLORENTINO REFIX)) by Florentino on LOVE 2 HATE | HATE 2 LOVE (Self-Release)
  15. Go Down (Dyen Edit II) by DYEN (Self-Release)