Sounds In The Dark - 1.11.22

Tonight's edition features music from The Album Leaf, The Black Dog, Lauge, Poppy Ackroyd, Anenon, Gregg Kowalski, Tomoyoshi Date, the Jogging House, and a new release of a Keith Jarrett solo concert from 1972!


  1. Breathe by The Album Leaf (The Album Leaf) New
  2. Windswept Fields of Wyoming by Lauge on Sceneries (Valley View Records) New
  3. I Remember You Like the Best Song by Anenon on I Remember You Like the Best Song (Non Projects)
  4. Dors Bien by Alexandre Navarro on Foundations 2 (Dewtone Recordings)
  5. Hypnopeadia by Apostrophe on A Hypothesis (4525336 Records DK)
  6. Insides, Pts. 1-3 by Jogging House on Insides (Jogging House) New
  7. Part VI - Stockholm, September 1972 [Restauración 2023] by Keith Jarrett on Dramaten Theater Stockholm, September 1972 (Lantower Records) New
  8. Mother Of Mine (GLA Airport) by The Black Dog on Music For Dead Airports (Dust Science) New
  9. Ritual Del Croix by Gregg Kowalsky on L'Orange, L'Orange (Mexican Summer)
  10. 土 Tsuchi - 33 rpm by Tomoyoshi Date on 483 Hz As It Is, As You Are (LAAPS) New
  11. Phoebe's Theme by John Carroll Kirby on Cryptozoo: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Stones Throw Records)
  12. The Calm Before by Poppy Ackroyd on Pause (One Little Independent)