021 - Best of the Bay '22


  1. Sadist Lament by False Figure on Castigations (Transylvanian Recordings) Local
  2. Bound by Neon by Cailleach Calling on Bound by Neon (Eitrin Editions) Local
  3. bigsby by Choking Game on smudge (Self-Released) Local
  4. Reek of Burning Freedom by Ripped to Shreds on Jubian (Relapse Records) Local
  5. Reckoning by Hell Fire on Reckoning (Riding Easy Records) Local
  6. Diner Coffee by Mamaleek on Diner Coffee (The Flenser) Local
  7. In the Cold by The Boneless Ones on Back to the Grind (Thunder + Lightning Records) Local
  8. Progsin by Frolic on Fusion of Spirits (Self-Released) Local
  9. Agony Blossoms Fear by Doomsday on Depictions of Chaos (Creator-Destructor Records) Local
  10. I Skin You by Cartilage on The Deader The Better (Creator-Destructor Records) Local
  11. Survival of the Sun by DARKNESS EVERYWHERE on The Seventh Sun (Creator-Destructor Records) Local
  12. Spectres by Cyborg Octopus on Between Light and Air (Silent Pendulum Records) Local
  13. Innards of Divinity by Acephalix on Theothanatology (20 Buck Spin) Local