Sounds In The Dark - 1.15.23

Tonight's edition features new music from Hoollie Kenniff, Tomasz Bednarczyk, bvdub, Billow Observatory, Ian Hawgood, Kyle Bobby Dunn, El Ten Eleven and lots more.


  1. Shifting Winds by Hollie Kenniff (Western Vinyl)

    New Single from Kenniff's forthcoming record We All Have Places That We Miss, out February 10th

  2. Real Adventure III by Tomasz Bednarczyk on Music for Balance and Relaxation Vol. 3 (Somewhere Nowhere) New
  3. Zenith by Indigo Egg on Hyperion (Virtual) New
  4. Kottbusser Tor by Billow Observatory on Calque (felte) New
  5. I'm Not Sure We Belong by Ian Hawgood on Mysterious Shapes and Remembered Rhythms (Home Normal) New
  6. The Searchers by Kyle Bobby Dunn (Kyle Bobby Dunn) New
  7. Twilight is Our Advocate Tonight by Saxon Shore on Be a Bright Blue (Broken Factory)
  8. Not Even Almost by El Ten Eleven (Joyful Noise Recordings)

    New A preview from El Ten Eleven's forthcoming record Valley of Fire, releases Feb. 10th.

  9. Environments by Teen Daze on Reality Refresh 3 (Flora)
  10. Higher Concentration by Dublicator on Compact Impulse EP (Eintakt Records)
  11. Dewpoint by Federsen (Fifth Interval)
  12. If I Had Been A Better Man by bvdub on A Careful Ecstasy (Darla)
  13. Night Gold and Ruby Mornings by Seagram Murals on Oversleeper (NA)
  14. Ice On Fire by bvdub + Netherworld on Equilibrium (Galcial Movements) New