Maniac Mansion


  1. Station to Station by David Bowie on Station to Station (RCA Victor)
  2. Point Breeze by Sheer Mag on Compilations (I, II, & III) (Wilsuns Recording)
  3. VHFD by No Joy on Negaverse (Mexican Summer)
  4. Monkey Gone to Heaven by Pixies on Doolittle (4AD)
  5. Let Us Make You Money by Sadie and the Ladies on Let Us Make You Money (cactus fire)
  6. Lazarus by The Men on Immaculada (We Are the Men)
  7. Bathroom at the Beach by Melkbelly on Bathroom at the Beach (Automatic)
  8. Kicked out of the Weebelos (The Queers cover) by Teengenerates on God Save The Queers (Asian Man)
  9. Jansport by Furnsss on New Moves (80N7)
  10. Bad History Month by Bad History Month on Bad History Month (Exploding in Sound)
  11. Blaster by pinkshinyultrablast on Happy Songs for Happy Zombies (Odd Box)
  12. Kantina by Unwound on Fake Train (Kill Rock Stars)