Discnogirl Episode

Sit down with your host and Oakland based DJ/ all around cool dude Kenny AKA Discnogirl as we talk about DJing hip hop music in bars, play some of our favorite tracks, discuss the linguistics of Bastiengoat's name, and play a game of "Never Have I Ever". After the interview enjoy a 1 hour mix curated by Discnogirl.


  1. Doin' It Right by Daft Punk on Random Access Memories (Sony)
  2. Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe (MCA Records)
  3. Break
  4. Workin' by Bastiengoat (Self-Released) Local
  5. Break
  6. So Good by Amadeezy on International Chromies Vol 1 (International Chrome)
  7. Break
  8. soft n cute 4ever by jpeglove & DJ Slim Booty (Self-Released)
  9. BABYGURL by Kiddy.Wav (Self-Released)
  10. Hard Not 2 by Jensen Interceptor on International Chromies Vol 1 (International Chrome)
  11. Out Yo' Mouth by 7uka on Posse On Tech (Posse Up!)
  12. Black Lazarus (Tunnel Trip Version) by James Bangura on HOA 11 (HAUS of ALTR)
  13. Deeon is King by Ottonian (Self-Released)
  14. Reggaeton Sex by Siu Mata & Amor Satyr on Speed Dembow vol.2 (Wajang)
  15. Big Pictures, No Numbers by Dj Swisha on Digital Space (DJ SWISHA)
  16. I JUST WANNA by Cranioid on HPHF 01 (Hyde Park Hi-Fi)
  17. Drizzee's Drift to Tokyo by JUICY SELEKTA on Grimehood - EP (Planetaria)
  18. Calypso of Juke by Dave Quam on Greasemania Vol 1 (Self-Released)
  19. Be Your Girl (CASINA LATE NITE EDIT) by Casina (Self-Released)
  20. If I'm In Love Ft Bass Bear by MoMa Ready on The Other Side Ep (self released)
  21. I DON'T EVEN BOTHER by Satva (Self-Released)
  22. ALHASSAN (160 Flip) by Lijah on CHAPTER II (Self-Released)
  23. Never Enough (SWISHA Remix) by Jessy Lanza (Self-Released)
  24. Show Me What (Yermak Remix) by A.G. Cook (Self-Released)