025 - Ulthar, Cephalotripsy, Vampire Squid


  1. Departed in Decay by Brain Drill on Boundless Obscenity (Dylan Ruskin)
  2. Arcane Rites of the Transdimensional Progeny by Cephalotripsy on Promo 2011 (2906575 Records)
  3. Arrogance and the Loss of Human Dignity by Slaughterbox on The Ubiquity of Subjugation (Friendly Fire Distro)
  4. Featured Question by Severed Savior on Servile Insurrection (Willowtip Records) Local
  5. Hive Mind by Inherit Disease on Visceral Transcendence (Unique Leader Records)
  6. Featured The Hospital of 7 Teeth by Sobek on Illusions of Lunacy (Lord of the Sick Recordings)
  7. Sensory Link to Pain by Primal Rite on Dirge of Escapism (Revelation Records) Local
  8. Featured Aberration Sphere by Tentacult on Lacerating Pattern (Transylvanian Recordings) New
  9. His Divine Shadow by Condemned on His Divine Shadow (Unique Leader Records)
  10. Featured Wormholes by Vampire Squid (Self-Released) New
  11. Enthroned Suffering by Negative Vortex on Tomb Absolute (Sentient Ruin Laboratories) New
  12. Cocooned in Entrails by Paroxysmal Butchering on Supreme Revulsion (Gore House Productions)
  13. Integrum Tenebrae by Vrenth on Succumb to Chaos (Rotted Life)
  14. Featured Saccades by ULTHAR on Anthronomicon (20 Buck Spin) New