The Infinite Kaleidoscope 96 "Take a Look"

Thank you for spending time with me again in another Infinite Kaleidoscope.

POW! “Hello”
S. Product, “Let’s Play (Eat Me Raw)”
Colleen Green, “Natural Chorus”
Magdalena Bay, “Follow The Leader”
Sad Lovers & Giants, “Alice Isn’t Playing”
Shana Cleveland, “A Ghost”
M!R!M! “Not the People”
Mint, “Aria”
Meg Baird, “Twelve Saints”
Death Valley Girls, “Magic Powers”
Martin Dupont, “Take a Look”
Death Of Lovers, “The Lowly People”
BAMBARA, “Made for Me”
Better Person, “Somebody Cares”
Nicky Roberts, “Paradise”
Exitmusic, “Closer”
Music under my voice: Patrick Shiroishi, “A Trickle of Water Led To a Quiet Pool, Where Still, Black Water Reflected the Night Sky”


  1. Hello by POW! on Crack an Egg (℗ 2017 Castle Face)
  2. Let's Play (Eat Me Raw) by S. Product on Suicide Beat - EP (℗ 2020 Terrible Records)
  3. Natural Chorus by Colleen Green on Cool (℗ 2021 Hardly Art)
  4. Follow The Leader by Magdalena Bay on Mercurial World (℗ 2021 Luminelle Recordings)
  5. Alice Isn't Playing by Sad Lovers & Giants on Epic Garden Music (℗ 1981 Midnight Music)
  6. A Ghost by Shana Cleveland on Manzanita (℗ 2023 Hardly Art) New
  7. Not the People by M!R!M on The Visionary (℗ 2019 Avant! Records)
  8. Aria by Miynt on Lonely Beach (℗ 2022 B3SCI)
  9. Twelve Saints by Meg Baird on Furling (℗ 2023 Drag City) New Local
  10. Magic Powers by Death Valley Girls on Islands in the Sky (℗ 2023 Suicide Squeeze Records) New
  11. Take a Look by Martin Dupont on Just Because... (℗ 2019 Minimal Wave)
  12. The Lowly People by Death Of Lovers on The Acrobat (℗ 2017 Dais Records)
  13. Made for Me by BAMBARA on Stray (℗ 2019 Wharf Cat Records)
  14. Somebody Cares by Better Person on It's Only You - EP (℗ 2016 Mansions and Millions)
  15. Paradise by Nicky Roberts on The Sensitive Touch (℗ 2018 Numero Group)
  16. Closer by Exitmusic on The Recognitions (℗ 2018 felte)
  17. A Trickle of Water Led To a Quiet Pool, Where Still, Black Water Reflected the Night Sky by Patrick Shiroishi on Evergreen (℗ 2023 Touch) New