Third Country Radio Episode 15: Synthetic Dreams

This week Third Country Radio goes a little cyberpunk. We explore some of the best new synthpop and synth rock to be found from acts across the globe, as well as a few favorites and some friends of the show. With tracks by Honeybeard, Ladytron and C Z A R I N A, we're sure you'll find something to soundtrack your neon adventures.


  1. Featured Hummingbird by Honey Beard on Whispers Of Light (RetroReverbRecords)
  2. Break
  3. Help I’m Alive by Metric on Fantasies (Metric Music International)
  4. Featured We Never Went Away by Ladytron on Time’s Arrow (Cooking Vinyl)
  5. Sword of Truth by Magic Sword on Volume 1 (Self-Released)
  6. Break
  7. In The Face of Evil by Magic Sword on Volume 1 (Self-Released)
  8. Redneck Hero by Synthwave Redneck on Synthwave Redneck (Self-Released)
  9. Cold War Pop by Alien Skin on Post-Punk (Genesis) (Side-Line)
  10. Break
  11. Featured Blaze by C Z A R I N A on Painted Holograms (RetroSynth)
  12. Solange by Saigon Blue Rain on Songs For The Boys (Self-Released)
  13. Krzyż Cyprysowy by Korus on Post-Punk (Genesis) (Side-Line)
  14. Break
  15. Dressing Like You by Ashton Nyte on Post-Punk (Genesis) (Side-Line)
  16. Working Man’s Ballet by Don’t Get Lemon on Post-Punk (Genesis) (Side-Line)
  17. Dreams by Refractory Period (Self-Released)
  18. Break
  19. Ralentir (Radio Edit) by Voie 81 on Ralentir (Fluo Sobre)
  20. Ibisco by Talk To Her (Icy Cold)
  21. Too Wild by Seasurfer on Post-Punk (Genesis) (Side-Line)
  22. Break
  23. Drive by Soul▲Craft on Partners (Business Casual)
  24. Break
  25. Biscayne Boulevard by ᴘₒʟʏɢʟᵒᴛ on Partners (Business Casual)