"David Crosby was the Fred Durst of the sixties." -Bob Dylan

Zach looks at the history behind the beloved genre of Nü Metal.  Then he interviews Bob Dylan with mixed results.


  1. People of the Sun by Rage Against the Machine on Evil Empire (Epic)
  2. Chi by Korn on Life is Peachy (Epic)
  3. Roots Bloody Roots by Sepultura on Roots (Roadrunner)
  4. Too Many Puppies by Primus on Frizzle Fry (Prawn Song)
  5. A Small Victory by Faith No More on Angel Dust (Reprise)
  6. Body Hammer by Fear Factory on Demanufactured (Roadrunner)
  7. Teething by Deftones on The Crow: City of Angels OST (Hollywood Records)
  8. Dance Party USA by Sugar Ray on Lemonade and Brownies (Atlantic)
  9. Spit It Out by Slipknot on Slipknot (Roadrunner)
  10. Darts by System of a Down on System of a Down (American)
  11. Charlotte by Kittie on Spit (Artemis)