Episode 0 - Pilot

Welcome to The Hangover Cure, your weekly injection of chill tunes and phat beats to get you up and out of the Sunday morning haze.  For our pilot episode, we've got tons of new music along with a few classics to kick things off in style.

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Uninterrupted Playlist


  1. Doo La by ✿ Missing Hito ✿ on Doo La Info
  2. Awake by Tycho on Awake (Ghostly International) Info
  3. Pull You Down by Washed Out on Paracosm (Bonus Track Version) (Sub Pop) Info
  4. MAGIC by ANDRU. Info
  5. All You Need by PINES Info
  6. Indian Summer by Jai Wolf (Foreign Family Collective) Info
  7. White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts) (Dim Sum Remix) by Odesza (Foreign Family Collective) Info
  8. Heart Attack feat. Owl Eyes (Snakehips Remix) by Flight Facilities on Down to Earth (Future Classic) Info
  9. Firefly (ft. Nao) by Mura Masa on Someday Somewhere (Anchor Point) Info
  10. Don't Stop Now by Back Back Forward Punch on Don't Stop Now (Single) Info
  11. Instinct (MXXWLL Remix) by BB Diamond on Instinct (The Remixes) (Turn First Records) Info
  12. 2 Mouths, 1 Love by Freya feat. Labtracks (Kiez Beats) Info
  13. Jean Tonique - Near You by Jean Tonique on YOU (Grand Music Management) Info
  14. Book of Love (feat. Polina) [Extended Mix] by Felix Jaehn (L'Agentur) Info
  15. XE3 (Wheathin Turn) by Mssingno Info
  16. Paradigm (Amtrac's Temptation Mix) by CamelPhat feat. A*M*E on Paradigm (Remixes) (Dirty Soul Music) Info