The B0ardcast Episode 42


  2. Freaks come out at night by coach longlegs on album (Visit
  3. Teardrops from my eyes by Rough Bunnies on Rough Bunnies saved my life (label)
  4. I Don't Want To Be Sad Anymore by Supercrush on I Don't Want To Be Sad Anymore b/w How Does It Feel (To Feel Like You)? (Visit
  5. Rudderless by The Lemonheads on The Best Of ( Song ID: 219001917)
  6. Sneaking Into Yer House by Emily's Sassy Lime on Dippity Do-nut (Visit
  7. Little Drill by Rat Columns on do you remember real pain? (Visit
  8. Cinema Woes by Fresh on Gewingchum (Visit
  9. Every Morning by Alfred Daniels Midland on Songs of Summer CD-R (label)
  10. Cries at the Movies by Mammoth Penguins on Hide and Seek (Fortuna Pop)
  11. Colors Radiate by Camera Shy on Camera Shy ( Song ID: 258371689)
  12. Fernando the Teenage Narc by Fernando & the Teenage Narcs on Can I Buy Some Drugs to Smoke Later? EP (Visit
  13. Coach Trip by two white cranes on Radisson Blue (Visit
  14. I like to stay home (R Stevie Moore´s quote) by Tall Juan on Tall Juan At Home (Visit
  15. Space, Man by wimps on Couches EP (Visit
  16. Drown by Black Tambourine on Complete Recordings (Slumberland)
  17. I Need More Time by Lunchbox on The Magic of Sound (Magic Marker Records)
  18. Date with doug by Boyracer on BOYRACER - pete shelley EP (Visit
  19. HCDB by Larry & the Babes on The Dolphin Tapes (Visit
  20. Buddy Holly by Weezer on Weezer ( Song ID: 202689607)
  21. True Love Will Find You In The End by The Memories on Hot Afternoon (Label)
  22. Down to Fuck by Halfrican on Split EP (Visit
  23. exxxtreme vintage by The Ethical Debating Society on New Sense (Visit
  24. Struggling by Kryten on Soda Jerk (Visit
  25. Blowin' Circuits by EMPTY HEADS on Teerjerker (Visit
  26. The Cool People of West Berlin by Bikes on Self Titled (self released)
  27. Elevators & Escalators by The Brainstems on Ego Death Demos (Visit
  28. Imagine A Dog by Totem Terrors on Hard Science (Oddbox)
  29. One Step Too Far by Knife Pleats on Hat Bark Beach (Visit
  30. Blue Sky by Go Sailor on Go Sailor ( Song ID: 229025690)
  31. Can't You Feel by Bruising on Vol. 3 (Visit
  32. Sign On My Window by Yea-Ming and The Rumours on Sign On My Window (Visit
  33. Lilith by UV-TV on Demo (Visit
  34. Subtle Barbs by The Cathys on Hysterical Monument (Visit
  35. Anyway by Lala Lala on HAVE A GOOD DAY (Visit
  36. Circles and Stairs by Fur Hood on Fur Hood (Self Released)
  37. Beautiful Thing by Onions on Here Comes The Rage (Visit
  38. Messed Up by Casual Sweetheart on Dark Summer (Visit