The moodiest, rainiest Monday could only take place on an actually sunny day here at Certified mood-full melodic DJ bbtianshi of the local duo Redbeans, floats into a 60-minute powerful delivery of esoteric beautiful ambience on The Lost Hour. Roving-round a centrifuge of powerful lady-leading vocals and synths, bbtianshi delivers the most epochal and heart-soft-felt hour of music this Monday has ever seen. We enjoy tunes from Eartheater, Dinah Washington and of course, the inimitable Faye Wong, among others.

Tune in to Happy Together presented by Redbeans every 4th Saturday from 1-2:30pm PST on [Lower Grand Radio]( "") based in Oakland, CA.

Catch Redbeans at their residency at Moongate Lounge in Chinatown, starting this Friday, March 17th from 8-11pm. (28 Waverly Pl, San Francisco, CA)

And Finally, don't miss Redbeans going back-to-back with local and beloved-favorite Tomu DJ this Saturday, 3/18 at the WinterWreck Wet B2B Warehousefest. More info on this page here and you can also text 415-938-2576 for more info.

Happy Monday ~TOm

The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal music fun~ sometimes featuring guests and their funky thoughts and tunes.


  1. Typing Tutor by Tomu DJ on Rocking in the Free World (Side Chick)
  2. Nocturne by Ana Roxanne on ~~~ (Self-Release) Local
  3. Mugen Ressha by Tujiko Noriko on Make Me Hard (Mego)
  4. How To Fight by Eartheater on Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin (PAN)
  5. What A Diff'rence A Day Made by Dinah Washington (UMG)
  6. Taking the Train by Yuji Nomi on Whisper Of The Heart Soundtrack (Studio Ghibli)
  7. Endless Spring by Tomu DJ on Extended Play (Self-Release) Local
  8. 下了兩天雨 by My Little Airport on SABINA之淚 (Self-Release)
  9. a Joke (feat. Yogoe) by TRPP on TRPP (Magic Strawberry Sound)
  10. These Days (Jackson Browne Cover) by yeule (Self-Release)
  11. 丁香 by 希莉娜依 on 希莉娜依 (太合麥田(天津)音樂有限公司)
  12. 05 分裂 by Annie Yi on 高音質 (Self-Release)
  13. 守護天使 by Faye Wong on 自便 (Cinepoly)
  14. Rose by Nana (Self-Release)