1. Crushing Limbs by Anni Rossi on Heavy Meadow (Self Released)
  2. 80s by Ghastly Menace on Songs of Ghastly Menace (The Record Machine)
  3. Solitude by Alpenglow on Solitude (Self Released)
  4. Carry Me by Family of the Year on Carry Me (Nettwerk Records)
  5. Alligator Years by Twinsmith on Alligator Years (Saddle Creek)
  6. Magnetic Forces by Castledoor on Follow the Dove - EP (Self Released)
  7. Baby Blue Motorcyle by Charlie Brand on Monsoons (Yebo Music)
  8. Maybe We'll Make a Plan by The Wet Secrets on Free Candy (Self Released)
  9. Down by the Fountain by Mojave Wild on First Light (Self Released)
  10. Running Dry by The Counterfactuals on Minimally Decent People (Self Released)
  11. North Carolina by Poor Remy on Bitters (Self Released)
  12. Sunny Side by The Sandwitches on Our Toast (Empty Cellar Records)
  13. Get Buried! by The Creepy Crawlies on Get Buried! (Self Released)
  14. Who Will Love Us When We're Gone by 100 Watt Horse on 100 Watt Horse (Boom Done! Records)
  15. Then Comes the Wonder by The Landing on How Strange to Be - EP (Self Released)
  16. Feel Good by Walking Shapes on Taka Come On (No Shame)